EV Gifts

The gift business provides a challenge to test both the interests & abilities of employees.

It is a particularly rewarding opportunity for direct interaction with a community that has long supported, but rarely has the chance to witness firsthand, the talents & particular charms of our employees.

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Want to attend an EV GIFTS sale & meet some of our fantastic salespeople?  Please see our list of sales, & thank you for your support!

About EV Gifts

EVNY’s first venture, EV GIFTS, began as an experiment in the basement of our president, Melanie Schaffran.  Over the summer of 2015 Melanie taught herself the step-by-step process in the art of candle-making.  She designed a unique packaging that could be modified depending on holiday, event, or special occasion.  All along the way, she taught her son, Brett, how to make the candles. 

After building an inventory, EV GIFTS was launched for public consumption on November 7th, 2015 at the enormously popular Craft & Gift Fair at the Robert E. Bell Middle School in Chappaqua, NY. It proved to be a spectacular success as the candles made by EVNY’s first employees!

Unboxing in Maui!

Since that first sale EV GIFTS has attended well over 150 sales.  Additionally, EV GIFT launched a new product division with its custom bracelet line in 2017.  In the fall of 2018, EV GIFTS  debuted customizable gift boxes.

Our candles & bracelets can be personalized for any occasion. EV GIFTS has crafted beautiful favors for birthdays, weddings, fund-raising events, Girl Scout galas, baby & bridal showers, & countless private parties. We have also teamed up with local schools to customize bracelets for their sports teams & clubs. Contact us at gift@evny.org to find out more.