EVNY was incorporated in 2015 to respond to both the enormous void in employment opportunities and the vast potential of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to work within their communities. Several visits to the Extraordinary Ventures North Carolina (EVNC) program in Chapel Hill provided both the inspiration and the model that EVNY employs as we research and develop small businesses unique to Westchester County.

The population of individuals diagnosed with autism has grown dramatically in the past two decades, from 1 in 10,000 to a staggering 1 in 64 today. Enormous strides in their education has resulted in the vast majority graduating out into the world with great potential, including the earning of a paycheck, if given the opportunity. EVNY was provided seed money through a grant from the Foundation for Empowering Citizens with Autism (FECA). The initial grant was part of FECA’s mission of supporting employment initiatives for adults with autism.

EVNY’s first endeavor is a candle making business. We have had huge success at farmer’s markets and local craft fairs. Our candles have also been ordered for private affairs and weddings. Different candles are presented in a range of seasonal scents and creative packaging. We are currently working to expand our line of gifts. Our team of adults with autism participates in all aspects of the candle making process: unpacking supplies, assembly, packaging and delivery of the candles. They are also salespeople for their products: unpacking, setting up tables, promoting their products and engaging customers. Taking pride in their accomplishment and the satisfaction they achieve is priceless.

EVNY’s second endeavor is an office solutions business. Our employees perform a range of tasks to ensure your office runs smoothly: shredding, assembly of mailings and labeling. As we continue to grow this business the office tasks performed by employees will expand to sorting, packaging and related services.