Empowering and Employing Adults with Autism: A Holiday Shopping Guide

As we enter into the holiday season, we find ourselves eager to give to those who mean so much to us while sometimes overwhelmed by the materialism that can overshadow the true meaning of this time of the year. This is also when many organizations are seeking annual donations in order to continue their efforts to make the world a better place.  What if you could accomplish two tasks at once: finding the perfect gift for that special someone and putting your money towards a cause that is having a true impact in the world?  You can do just that by purchasing products from the following businesses and organizations that are employing adults with autism!
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Autism Spectrum News:
Extraordinary Ventures Creates Extraordinary Opportunities

Government is an important employer in our economy, but by far the largest source of jobs is the private sector made up of hundreds of thousands of small, medium and large businesses. But neither government nor private enterprise has done a very good job incorporating the skills and talents of adults with autism and other intellectual challenges into American mainstream economy. Unemployment facing adults on the spectrum remains at an alarming rate of 80-90%! It is a shame and we can do better.
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