Alex enjoys attending the Devereux Adult Program, where he likes volunteering in the community, going to the gym and doing other recreational activities. He likes to be part of the group, and has a big smile when he sees the van arrive to pick him up in the morning. Alex likes helicopter games on his Ipad, and he loves to fly in airplanes when the family travels. He likes to ride his bike and go on walks in the woods with his Mom and Dad.


Avery graduated from Ardsley High School in June of 2012. He attends the Devereux Adult Day Hab Program, where he volunteers in varied settings such as the Westchester Medical Center; Strategies for Wealth and others. Avery participates in recreational programs such as North East and SPARC. He enjoys film, cowling and outings. Avery cherishes his friends and most of all his family, especially as they all watch his Cincinnati Bengals, wrestling events and attend movies. Avery is very proud of his EVNY work.


Brett attended the Devereux Millwood Learning Center for his entire academic career, coming in with the entering class as his Mom and Dad were both founders of the school. Brett was particularly successful and happy when he donned a shirt and tie and khakis to head out to work at Bethel Nursing Home where he was their chief office officer putting together the welcome packets and mailings as part of his vocational experience. Brett was one of the first participants in the Devereux Adult Program.

Brett loves music of all kinds but is particularly fond of the music of the 1960s and is able to sing all of the songs in the American songbook with his Mom. Peter, Paul and Mary are also particular favorites. Brett learned to ski when he was 4 years old and has been an expert double diamond skier ever since.

Brett is also an ardent Jets fan. He has a season pass with his Dad and sister, Lindsay, and goes to all the home games wearing his favorite Marty Lyons jersey. Brett met Mr. Lyons who personally signed his jersey when they were both honored by United Way for his volunteer service along with his fellow DMLC students.

Brett lives at home with his mom and dad and his beloved pet retriever, Georgie and not so beloved pet parrot, Prince.


Brian is 28 years old and lives at home. He attended school in his early years in Carmel, NY. He then attended middle school and high school in Ardsley, NY. He currently attends the Devereux Adult Program where he does volunteer work at Westchester Medical Center, Croton Health Care, Bethel Nursing Home, Honda, as well as several other sites. Brian loves cars so he really enjoys his job cleaning at the Mercedes Benz of Wappingers Falls dealership a few hours twice a week. In his spare time, Brian enjoys listening to music, dancing, bowling, going to the movies, hanging out with friends and shopping.


John lives at home with his parents in Yonkers, NY. John graduated from Devereux Millwood Learning Center in June of 2013. He volunteers at Bethel Nursing Home in Ossining, NY & AFYA Foundation in Yonkers, NY. John attends many Young Adult Clubs where he enjoys socializing with his friends. He also likes to listen to music & dance. John loves to spend time with his extended family.


Matthew graduated from Ardsley High School in June 2009. In September 2009 Matthew began working at Clarfeld Financial Advisors 6 hours per week with the support of a job coach. Matthew’s responsibilities include shredding, scanning, delivering mail and sorting supplies. He is currently working independently for 12 hours per week. In his spare time Matthew enjoys horseback riding, curling, swimming and participating in Special Olympics. He particularly enjoys attending the New York State Special Olympic Games every June. Matthew likes to travel and particularly enjoys going on a cruise.


Max lives with his family and beloved dog, Ali. Max graduated from Fox Lane High School and currently attends the Devereux Adult Program and the Successful Learning Center. He also participates in a recreation program with many of his friends from school and his adult programs. Max enjoys going to the movies, playing video games, skiing in Vermont and taking hikes with Ali. He roots for the Mets and Jets, but perhaps his favorite activity of all is to just relax with a favorite snack and drink!


Ricki graduated from the Ardsley High School and has been attending the YAI/Elmsford Day hub program, where he does volunteer work in the community. He loves outdoor sports activities; cycling, skiing, and swimming. He especially enjoys cycling and is part of the Hudson Valley Special Olympic team. Ricki is a wizard of maps. He also loves to see movies and to hang out with his friends. Now he is very excited to be a part of EVNY.


Matthew graduated from the Devereux Millwood Learning Center in 2009. He enjoys attending the Devereux Adult Day Program and has been a participant since the program began in 2009. Matt has had long term vocational/employment successes at various local businesses. They include: The Country Deli, Basilicos Pizzeria and the Bethel Nursing Home. In his spare time Matthew loves to listen to a wide variety of music. He is a long time “Parrot Head” and enjoys all of Jimmy Buffett’s songs. Matthew’s favorite activities include: bowling, basketball, swimming, playing video games and shopping at the mall.


Mark is 40 years old and lives in an Ability Beyond group home in Buchanan, NY. He attended the Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES program for his school years. He currently works at the Peekskill Brewery washing dishes one day a week. Mark is happiest when he is working. He also enjoys participating in NorWest Recreational activities such as Special Olympics, bowling, dances and other outings. Mark’s interests include sports, movies, music and shopping. Mark is excited to be part of the EVNY team and has already made new friends!


Cassidy graduated from Pelham Memorial High School in June 2012. She has earned official certifications from Microsoft in Word, Excel and Powerpoint at Center for Career Freedom in 2013. She had an internship from 2014 to June 2016 at Girl AGain in White Plains, where she assisted the owner doing data entry, inventory, and email campaigns. In addition to working at EVNY, Cassidy has her own business, Spectrum Internet Design that builds websites for businesses. For fun, Cassidy likes to go to the mall, go to the movies, go on vacation, and watch TV.