From the basement to the big time…EVNY has a home!

EVNY started our journey in a basement on a ping pong table. Now we have a fantastic new space to call home! After our first year in business proved to be such a success, it became very clear to us that we needed a larger space to call our own.

EVNY is excited and pleased to announce that we have signed a lease on a property in Mt. Kisco. Our new home base of operations will be 350 Lexington Avenue in Mt. Kisco. We have 2000 square feet of space to settle and grow into. This new space will allow EVNY to open two more businesses and expand the already successful EV Gifts. We will also be able to realize our mission, providing even more employment opportunities for men and women with developmental disabilities.

We will keep you posted as our new space develops; this is such an exciting step in the evolution of EVNY!

Join us in growing our extraordinary ventures!